How do I share or publish a padlet?

Like pizza, Padlet is best shared 🤗

When you're ready to publish your work or gather posts from others, just click SHARE and choose a channel for sharing. If you're using the app, you'll see this icon on the top right.

Options include:

  • link

Sharing a padlet link is the simplest way to allow collaborator access to anyone -- even if they don't have a padlet account. You can paste it wherever you like.

To copy the link, click SHARE > Copy link to clipboard

  • QR code

A printable QR code can be downloaded in the same SHARE panel for easy sharing

  • embedding

Copy and embed the code to post padlet live on your website or LMS instead of links

  • email

Contributors may also manually type the address from their browser or the Padlet iOS/Android app

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