How do I share or publish a padlet?

Like pizza, Padlet is best shared 🤗

When you're ready to publish your work or gather posts from others, just click the SHARE button on the top right corner of your padlet and follow these instructions. On browser, the share button with have an arrow and on the app, it will appear as below.

  • Make sure your privacy settings are set to your preference. The privacy setting will come up on the Share tab when you click SHARE. You can change your privacy settings by selecting CHANGE PRIVACY. There are multiple different privacy settings and you can read about the differences here. You can use these privacy settings to control who can see your padlet and how much they can contribute or change.
  • Once your privacy settings are set you have multiple options for how to actually share your padlet with someone else.

Options include:

Sharing a padlet link is the simplest way to allow get your padlet to collaborators. When you share a link, even users that don't have Padlet accounts can access the padlet (dependent on privacy settings).

To copy the link, click SHARE > Copy link to clipboard

Sharing a QR code

A printable QR code can be downloaded in the same SHARE panel for easy sharing


Copy and embed the code to post padlet live on your website or LMS instead of links


Contributors may also manually type the address from their browser or the Padlet iOS/Android app

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