Share a padlet with users outside our organization

Padlets created with a Backpack account are slightly different to the ones you make in your personal account. They are Secret by default which means that only the owner can access the padlet they have created -- until shared.

If you are a Backpack member (meaning your domain ends in and want to share a padlet with a non-member seamlessly, you can make changes to the padlet's Settings to allow access as a first step.

  1. Click the Share arrow icon at the top-right of your padlet.
  2. Change Link Privacy > Secret (this means your padlet will be available for anyone with the link).
  3. Click Visitors to assign access capabilities (No access, Reader, Writer, Moderator). Read more about Visitor permission options.

You can now publish and share the padlet with anyone -- registration not required! Here are a bunch of ways one can publish and invite people to access a padlet.

Because the users aren't in the same organization as you, they'll show up as 'Anonymous.' We suggest getting them to indicate their names on their posts :)

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