Padlet privacy options

When you create a padlet, you can choose a privacy setting to control who can access it. Learn more about each privacy setting to decide which is best for your padlet.

Accessing the privacy settings

You can access your privacy settings by opening the Share menu of any padlet.

Privacy settings

Private: The padlet is only accessible to the creator of the padlet and any user who has been invited to the padlet through their Padlet account. To share private padlets with others, the owner must invite them through the Share menu.

Password: The padlet is password protected. The padlet is not searchable, and you need the link to the padlet and the password to access it.

Secret: Anyone with the link can access the padlet, but the link will be hidden from Google and public areas of Padlet. This is the default setting for individual users.

With this setting, you can also require that visitors be logged in to their Padlet accounts to access your padlet. Aside from the extra layer of security, comments and posts will display their author's names when this feature is enabled.

Public: The padlet will show up in Google searches and be displayed on your public profile.

Public is not available for Backpack users. It is only available for individual users and teams.

Org/team-only: The padlet can only be accessed by licensed members of your organization or team, and they will be forced to log into their account to access.

Org/team-only is not available for individual users. It is only available for Backpack users and teams.
If you are unable to select a certain privacy setting, the administrator of your account may have blocked access to it. Please contact your account administrator for more details.

Display in team dashboard

If you choose the org/team-wide privacy option, you can also choose to display your padlet in the organization or team dashboard. If you enable this feature, your padlet will appear in everyone's dashboard. If you do not want everyone in your organization to see your padlet, you should turn this feature OFF.

Visitor permissions

Once you choose your privacy, you can also select your visitor permissions. These dictate whether visitors can read, write on, or edit the padlet.


Why can't people post on my padlet?
You'd have to make sure that visitor permissions are set to Can write for others to be able to contribute to the padlet.

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