Padlet share menu

Every padlet can be shared. The share menu of your padlet provides you with all of your sharing and exporting options as well as privacy controls.

Accessing the share menu

To access the share menu, select the arrow icon in your Action Bar.

You should see this menu appear.

Sharing options

Invite members

You can share your padlet with other people by adding them as members. You will need to invite them via username or email.

With the default notification settings, the user you share the padlet with will receive an email notification. If you want to share a private padlet with a user, you will need to add them here to share the padlet with them.

Once you have successfully invited another user to your padlet, it will appear in the Shared section of their dashboard.


Here are the basic privacy options for a padlet.

Privacy options are slightly different for individuals, teams, and Backpack users, and you can read descriptions of each setting in the share menu. The default privacy setting for individual users is Secret. This means that anyone with the link can access the padlet, but it will be hidden from Google and anyone the padlet hasn't been shared with.

Learn more about padlet privacy options here.


There are many ways to share a padlet. The simplest is share the link to your padlet, but you can also share a QR code or embed your padlet on a different site.

Learn more about sharing padlets here.


You can export your padlet as an image, PDF, CSV, or Excel spreadsheet.

Learn more about exporting padlets here.


I can't access the Share panel. The button isn't there OR the menu won't open button doesn't do anything when I click it. What gives?
If you are unable to access the Share panel of a padlet, please try disabling your adblocker extension. Sometimes these extensions block access to the Share panel. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us for further assistance.

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