Default padlet privacy and visitor permissions

Neon, Gold and Platinum users

For users with Neon, Gold and Platinum accounts, the default visitor permission is "can write." So, when you create a new padlet, it will default to allow visitors to write on the padlet.

The default privacy for new padlets is Secret. This means that you can share your padlet by sending the URL. Learn more about privacy settings.


Backpack owners can set the default padlet privacy and visitor permissions for new padlets created under their domain. To change your settings, follow these steps.

From the dashboard of your Backpack account, click (...) in the bottom left corner of the screen and then go to Settings.

Click Permissions in the left panel. Here, you can set the default padlet privacy for students and teachers. You can also adjust the available privacy options for your users. Learn more about permissions.

To learn more about how each privacy settings differ, please check out this page.

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