Add collaborators to your padlet

Are you all alone in your padlet? Invite some friends to witness your greatness, contribute to your masterpiece, or help moderate your endeavor.

Here is how to invite collaborators to your padlet.

  1. From your padlet, open the share settings from the action bar.
  1. Under Invite members, click Add or edit members, then enter the email address or username of the person you'd like to invite to be a collaborator.
  1. Next, set permissions for each invited member by clicking the down arrow 🔽 next to their name and then hit Save.
Multiple administrators can be assigned to the same padlet.

When you invite someone to join your padlet, they will receive an email notifying them that they've been invited as a collaborator. Once they have accepted their invitation, the padlet will appear in the their Shared tab.

If you are a member of a Team or Backpack account, you can automatically add collaborators from your organization. They will not need to accept an invitation to access the shared padlet.


Why does Padlet say "Invalid user" when I try to add a user.
This message means that the user you're trying to add is not registered on Padlet. Check the spelling of the email or username if you believe the message is in error.

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