Submission request links

A submission request allows anyone with the link to post to a padlet without first visiting the padlet.

Access your submission request links by clicking on the Share arrow in the top-right corner of your padlet > Click Submission request link under the 'Links' section.

At this point, you will need to toggle the 'Enable submission request link' button to the ON position.

This brings up some more options you can configure to design your padlet the perfect way for your use case. If you'd like to eliminate anonymous posters on your padlet you can toggle the 'Require visitors to be logged in' button ON.

You can also decide where your collaborator is redirected to after making their post! Click the drop down menu next to 'After submission' to choose between sending the user to a confirmation page as a thank you, to the padlet to see everyone else's posts, or inviting the user to add another post.

When you're ready to share your link, click Copy and send it out!

To turn submission request links off, click on the Share arrow > Submission request links > toggle 'Enable submission request link' OFF.

If you turn this feature off, it will disable the link immediately. Re-enabling the links will create new links you will need to use instead.
What is the difference between submission request links and breakout links?
Using a breakout link will allow collaborators to see only a certain section (not the entire padlet) and can post multiple times on the same padlet.

Using a submission request link allows you to invite a person to post without seeing the underlying padlet at all. There is an option to allow the padlet to be seen after posting but there are other alternatives, too.
I can't find this feature on my padlet. Am I doing something wrong?
Only Admins can modify/obtain submission request links. If you are the Admin of the padlet please be sure you are logged in to the account that created the padlet.

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