Auto-remake links

Auto-remake links allow anyone who clicks on your padlet link to automatically create a duplicate of the padlet in their own account. This is extremely useful for teachers who want students to work on their own version of a padlet -- without having to direct them to manually Remake a padlet each time.

Simply have them click your link (or go to the URL) and a remake of the padlet will be automatically created!

To enable an Auto-remake link, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Share arrow on your padlet
  2. Click Auto-remake link
  3. Toggle the 'Enable auto-remake link?' button ON
  4. Pick your desired permissions
  5. Click Copy
  6. Distribute the link to your students.


What should be copied over?


Choose between All posts being copied over to the remade padlet, only posts written by admins (by selecting Admin only), or no posts at all (by selecting None). Click the dropdown menu next to 'Posts' to choose your option.

Post authorship

Toggle the 'Post authorship' button to the ON position to copy over who wrote the posts.


Toggle the 'Wallpaper' button to the ON position to copy over the wallpaper to all auto-remade padlets.

Other settings

Add admins to new padlets

Toggling this button ON will result in all admins on the original padlet being automatically added as collaborators in the remade padlet!

Limit to one remake per user

Toggling this button ON means that multiple remakes of this padlet will not be allowed. If a user has already remade the padlet using this link, they will be redirected to that padlet instead of creating a new one.

If this button is toggled OFF, multiple remakes will be allowed.

To disable your Auto-remake link, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Share arrow on your padlet
  2. Click Auto-remake link
  3. Toggle 'Enable auto-remake link?' button OFF

When you click on the toggle button to turn Auto-remake links OFF, a warning box will appear. Select Turn off to continue disabling.

Once you disable your Auto-remake link, the link will no longer work. Turning the link back on will create a new link.


What happens if a user is over their padlet quota? Will it allow them to remake the padlet anyway?
No - If a user is over their padlet quota and they attempt to use an Auto-remake link, they will be prompted to upgrade or archive/delete padlets before remaking the padlet.
Do I have to have an account to remake a padlet using the Auto-remake link?
Yes - If you do not have an account you will need to create one at first. Otherwise, where will your remade padlet live? If you try to use an Auto-remake link without having an account, or not being logged into your account, you will be prompted to sign in or sign up before remaking the padlet.

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