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Breakout links are a unique way to share your padlet. Using these specialized links you can send out specific sections without revealing the entire padlet to others! Group projects have never been easier! All members of a group work together without ideas from other groups swaying their thoughts. Of course, there are many different use cases for this but you get the idea.

Follow these steps to use breakout links with no problem:

  1. Open your padlet
  2. Click the Share arrow in the top-right corner of the padlet
  3. Go to the Links section and click Breakout links
  1. After clicking Breakout links you will need to enable this feature if you haven't yet. To enable, toggle the switch to the ON position.
  1. Toggling this feature ON reveals a panel where you can copy the link to the desired section and share it separate from the entire padlet.
Breakout links are a function of Sections. A format with sections will be needed for Breakout links to be enabled.

You've enabled breakout links but no longer want to use them. How do you turn them off?

We recommend changing the 'Visitor Permissions' settings from your Share menu. Depending on the setting you choose, it will restrict the ability to add posts through your Breakout links.

For example, changing your 'Visitor Permissions' to Reader or No access will restrict users from having the ability to add to the padlet via the Breakout links.

If you'd still like some users to post on the padlet with your links, you can add those people as collaborators by following the steps in this article: Add collaborators to your padlet.


I can still see all of my sections. I thought they were supposed to be secluded?
The creator of the padlet can see the entire padlet within their view as posts are made. Each section will be visible for the creator. Other collaborators should only see the section they received a link for.
What is the difference between breakout links and a submission request link?
Using a breakout link will allow collaborators to see only a certain section (not the entire padlet) and can post multiple times on the same padlet.

Using a submission request link allows you to invite a person to post without seeing the underlying padlet at all. There is an option to allow the padlet to be seen after posting but there are other alternatives, too.

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