Share a padlet

There are many ways to share a padlet. The simplest is to share the URL of your padlet, but depending on your padlet, you might prefer a different sharing method. Here is a summary of sharing options. All sharing options can be found in the Share menu of your padlet.

Adjust your privacy settings

Before you share your padlet, you should ensure that you have the right privacy settings. Every padlet has multiple privacy settings, and this setting determines who can access the padlet.

Secret is the default privacy setting for individual users, which means anyone with the link can access the padlet. However, if you have 'Visitor permissions' set to No Access, for instance, you will need to invite users as collaborators before they can access the padlet.

Find a comprehensive breakdown of the privacy options here.

Sharing options

The simplest way to share a padlet is to copy and share the padlet's URL. Just click Copy link to clipboard, and then you can paste the link anywhere.

Here is a summary of all the sharing options.

Copy link to clipboard: Copies a link to the padlet that you can paste and send to anyone you like.

Breakout link: Shares only specific sections of your padlet and keeps the rest hidden!

Submission request link: Prevents users from seeing your padlet before making their contributions.

Auto-remake link: Sends out a link that will automatically generate a copy of the padlet into the recipient's account.

Slideshow: Opens up a new tab with a Slideshow generated based on your padlet. Once your Slideshow is open, you can share a direct link to it.

Get QR code: Generates a QR code. Padlet is supported on mobile and desktop apps as well as in your preferred browser.

Embed in your blog or website: Provides embed codes that can be copied and pasted on your site.

Share via another app: Draft new posts on Facebook, X (Twitter) or open in Zoom. You can also share your padlet on Google Classroom.

Sharing with users inside your organization

If you have a Padlet subscription with your organization or school - you can learn how to share padlets with other users within the organization here!

Sharing with users outside your organization

If you have a Padlet subscription with your organization or school and want to share a padlet with users outside of the account, click here!


Why can't people post on my padlet?
If you want to allow users to comment on your padlet but there is no need for them to create their own posts, be sure you have the 'Visitor permissions' section set to Commenter. If you'd like users to create their own posts on your padlet set the 'Visitor permissions' section to Writer.

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