Create a padlet from scratch

Padlet = Collaboration made simple!

With a pinch of ideas + a cup of creativity... (and maybe add in a sprinkle of genius)... you get the world at your fingertips to create a beautiful masterpiece! And it's easy!

So, how do you start this beautiful creation?

Create a padlet

  1. From your dashboard, click on the pink + Make button in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Next, you have four options:
  • Create a padlet from scratch (using a Blank board)
  • Create using AI Generation
  • Use a Template recipe from the Gallery
  • Use your own Template (if you've made any)
For the simplicity of this article, we're going to go with creating a padlet using a Blank board. To learn more about how to use a Gallery Template -> Go here.
  1. Click on Blank board at the top of the page.
  1. After clicking Blank board your padlet will begin creation! A new padlet will populate with a panel on the right where you can change your Title and pick your Format (with or without Sections).

  1. Click Done!
If you're not sure which format to choose - don't stress! You can always change your format at any time without losing your content.

Customize your padlet

Share panel

Click on the Share arrow in the top right corner of the padlet to choose your 'Visitor permissions' and 'Link privacy' settings.

  • 'Visitor permissions' - Select the dropdown menu to decide whether users can be a Reader, Writer [default], Commenter, Moderator, or have No access to your padlet.
  • 'Link privacy' - We provide many options so you can make your content as public or as private as you want.
    • Choose from 4 standard options: Secret [default], Secret - Password, Secret - Log in, and Public. Learn more about those here.

Settings menu

Click on the Settings cog icon (⚙️) to bring up the Settings menu. Here you can change your wallpaper, update your profile icon, and customize how your posts are added and displayed on the padlet. Click here to see all of the many options you have to make your padlet unique to you.

The Settings menu is also where you can change the Format if you have changed your mind since creating the padlet.

Make a post

At this point, you have a blank padlet that you can create posts on. So start posting!

Learn the many different ways to add content to your Padlet here!

Share your masterpiece

Send your work to the world (or just a few friends).

Within the Share menu there are numerous options for sharing your work with others. Pick between copying a link and sharing it out, presenting a Slideshow (no extra work required), using a QR code, and many more.

You can also choose to Add a collaborator. Simply search users by username or email address > click Invite > and assign individual permissions for each.

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