What privacy settings should I use for my padlet?

Neon, Gold, and Platinum members

Padlets made on Neon, Gold, or Platinum accounts have four privacy settings, which you can adjust by going to the padlet and clicking Share. Here is what the settings mean:

  • Private: Only you and the people you add by email can access this padlet.
  • Password: Visitors will be required to enter a password to access this padlet.
  • Secret: Anyone with the link can access the padlet, but the link will be hidden from Google and public areas of Padlet. [This is the default setting!]
  • Public: The padlet can show up in Google searches and can be featured by Padlet on your profile page. Like this account

Logged-in visitor only

Click this toggle button to limit access to visitors with a padlet account. Aside from the extra layer of security, comments and post will display its author's names when it is enabled.

Visitor permissions

Assign or edit visitor permissions to control how others can interact with the padlet. There are three access levels available:

  • Can read: Visitors can view the padlet and the posts. They cannot add new posts, edit existing posts, or change the padlet.
  • Can write: Visitors can view and add posts. They cannot edit and approve others' posts, modify and delete padlet, or invite collaborators.
  • Can edit: Visitors can view, add posts, and edit and approve others' posts. They cannot modify and delete padlet or invite collaborators.

If you invite other members via email, you can also give them administrative privileges, which would allow them to modify the padlet itself.

Backpack and Briefcase members

Most of the privacy settings for Backpack and Briefcase accounts are the same as the Neon and Pro settings.

The only difference is that instead of a public option, you can share padlets Org wide.

Organization-wide padlets can only be viewed by folks who are members of the Backpack or Briefcase account.

Org-wide padlets also show up on member dashboards, so if it's not meant to be viewed by everyone in the organization, it is best to stick with Private or a Secret padlet.

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