Change the format of a padlet

Here's how to change the layout of your padlet.

Change your Format

  1. Click on the Settings cog icon (⚙️) on the sidebar on the right-hand side of your padlet.
  2. Click Layout - Under Layout, click on the button next to the Format section to see the different format types.
  3. Select your desired format.

Format options

  • Canvas: Formerly known as the freeform layout, Canvas allows contributors to drag posts anywhere on the padlet. You can scatter, group, and connect posts with Canvas.
  • Timeline: Posts will be ordered in a horizontal line, perfect for presenting content in chronological order. Prefer the old Timeline format with the line? Use this padlet and Remake it on your own dashboard.
  • Wall: Posts will be ordered in a brick-like layout, choosing the most compact arrangement for the posts.
  • Grid: Posts are arranged in rows of boxes.
  • Map: Allows contributors to add content to pinned locations on a map.
  • Stream: Organize posts in a top-to-bottom format, ideal for daily entries and presentations.
If you changed your format while editing your padlet and you don't like how it displays your posts, you can always revert to the original format without losing your content. Just go back to the Layout section of your Settings panel and change back to the original format!
If you turn ON 'Group by Sections,' it will be retained when you change formats.

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