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Welcome to the Gallery! A world made up of pre-made templates - just for you!

You have an idea of what you want to create but just don't know where to start. We get it. Nothing is more frustrating than staring at a blank virtual piece of paper with no idea how to get your ideas from your head to your fingertips.

We're here for you, friend!

From your dashboard, click on the Gallery tab located toward the bottom-left of your screen. This opens endless creative opportunities at the click of your mouse! Beautiful, right?

There are three main areas (with an additional area specifically created for teachers) where you can explore to find the perfect template!

  • Template categories
  • Search templates (search bar)
  • Templates for specific user types
  • Grade level
  1. Template categories

Check the boxes next to the categories you are interested in searching through. Select as many or as few as you'd like to narrow down your search. You'll notice the options will change in realtime as you make your selections.

Already know what you're looking for? Type in a key word or two in the search bar! Keep in mind, that with the search bar - the fewer words you use, the better.

If you typed a key word into the search bar and didn't find what you were looking for - be sure to check all three tabs at the top (General / Education / Business). The particular type of template you're requesting may be hiding in a different location better suited for it.
  1. Templates for specific user types

Templates can be broken down into different user types. We have General templates for everyone, Education templates for teachers' special use cases, students and staff, and Business templates for use cases in the workplace. You can peruse through the different types with the tabs at the top of the page.

  1. Grade level

The grade level you intend to create your padlet for can be selected on the left side of the page. This allows you to select age-specific templates for the students' typical mentality level. If you're curious to find templates for more than one age group in one search, select as many as you'd like.

Find the perfect template by using as many of the search features in the Gallery tab as you'd like! The more you use, the more specific your results will be and with less options to choose from in the end. The less you use, the less specific your results will be and with more options to choose from in the end. Below is an example of searching for a template about organization and task management for use with 7th graders.

Selecting a template

Hover your mouse over one of the thumbnails to read a summary of what you can use the template for. If it sounds good to you, click to reveal a small sample padlet along with the description and other similar template options. If you'd like to take a look at the sample padlet a little closer, click See example. Once you're ready to create your padlet with the selected template, select the appropriate account (next to the 'Create' button) and then click Create.

Templates from the Make a padlet button

From your dashboard, click on the pink Make a padlet button in the upper-right corner of the page. From there your panel will open to reveal options for:

Under the 'Suggested Gallery' you will find over 250 pre-made templates for anything you could possibly imagine! These will range from general templates to creations made for an educational setting. At the top of the panel, select the account you want to create your padlet in, take a look at your options and pick what best suits your needs.

Customizing your template

When you click on the a Gallery template you'd like to use, a slightly pre-made padlet will be displayed. On the right side of the padlet you'll see an onboarding panel that will guide you through how to set up and use this template.

To see a real use case of this type of template just click on See example in the onboarding panel. This will open an example padlet in a new tab. The rest of the onboarding panel walks you through steps you can take to make the most of your padlet, making a personalized, unique creation!

Notice the buttons under some steps that will direct you to the exact location needed to perform these steps.

Once you have completed all the steps (or simply don't need to see the panel anymore) click Done!

Clicking Done will hide this panel temporarily until you make another padlet from this type of template in the Gallery.
Clicking Don't show again will hide the onboarding panel indefinitely for this template type. Keep in mind, next time you make a padlet from this template style, the onboarding panel will not launch.

Our Gallery Templates are pre-made and designed for specific use cases. Because of this, some of the posting options you have when you create your own padlet from a blank board, may not be there.

For example, if you use our Art Showcase Template, you won't see the option to attach a post from YouTube because you wouldn't typically need that to display an art piece. However, we understand that all Padleteers aren't the same, so we've given you the option to change this! You can read more about how to customize your post fields here!


I clicked on 'Generate sample posts' in the onboarding panel and now I want to delete them. Do I have to manually delete them all?
Nope! All you have to do is click on Delete in the same place you clicked Generate sample posts within the onboarding panel. Poof! Gone.
Where are all of my post options? I'm using a template and now I can't attach a poll.
When using Templates everything is pre-set. This includes your posting options. If you don't see the post options you would like to use, you can customize them using post fields!

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