Padlet wallpapers

A perfect padlet must have perfect wallpaper. The wallpaper is the soil from which your ideas grow. The backdrop of your beauty. The context for your concepts. Here's how to change your wallpaper and perfect your padlet.

Changing your wallpaper

  1. From your padlet, click on the Settings cog icon ( ⚙️ ) on the side or bottom bar.
  2. Scroll down to the Appearance options. You'll find wallpaper! Click on the icon that looks like a smaller version of your Wallpaper.
  1. This is where things get fun. Choose from solid colors, gradients, patterns, and the (aesthetic) pictures! You can even add your own wallpaper or search the internet for images!
  2. Once you select your wallpaper make sure you Save before closing the Settings panel.

Custom wallpapers

You are able to add custom wallpapers to your padlet.

To add a custom wallpaper, scroll down to the Custom section in your wallpaper settings. If you don't have time to scroll you can also select Custom on the top right corner of this menu.

You are able to upload your own image, take a photo, draw, link to a photo, or search for a photo to use as your custom wallpaper.

When you use a custom wallpaper you are able to choose whether it fills the page or is blurred. Access these options by selecting the pencil icon on your wallpaper in Wallpaper settings.

If you use a Custom wallpaper and your title bar isn't projecting the way you'd like it to - you can toggle the 'Full page' option OFF. This will display a solid color behind the title of the padlet, as shown below.

Title bar with 'Full page' toggled ON

Title bar with 'Full page' toggled OFF

There really isn't an exact recommended size because we do not have any format restrictions. However, in most cases, we recommend 600x800 px for desktop screens or as close as you can get to a 3:4 aspect ratio.

If you want to see most of the image as your wallpaper, 600x800 px is recommended. If you need to see the entirety of your image as your wallpaper, you may need to adjust the view box of your file. Feel free to contact us for more help.

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