What is Padlet Backpack?

Padlet Backpack is designed to help teachers and students collaborate easily in a private environment. You can watch this awesome demo video to see it in action. Even better, create a free trial account!

Backpack Features

Below are some of Backpack's most notable features:

1. Member accounts

Backpack is an exclusive workspace for schools. Members are added to ensure private access. Student accounts can be also added without an email address.

2. More privacy

Padlets by default are not public so you can't find them on search engines. They are also visible to others with accounts under your Backpack school. They can see it right in their list of padlets. Teachers additonally have found it much easier to share padlets with their students this way, the teachers no longer have to enter the username/email address of every student whom they would like to post on their padlet.

3. More accountability

Many teachers have found that restless students can often post abusive/unsavory content on padlets. Since by default only account-holders can post on padlets created using a Backpack account, you will never have to worry about being unable to track down students who have abused their rights on a padlet. Students also tend to be more focused on the task at hand as a result.

4. LMS

It's now easier for teachers to share padlets without leaving their LMS because of the integration. You can read more information about it here.

Ready to explore the possibilities with Padlet Backpack? Here are some articles to help get the ball rolling.

Getting Started 🐱‍🏍


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