Managing users with external rostering systems

External rostering systems and App licensing programs enable schools to add students to an easily accessible roster. Up until now - with our Padlet for Schools plans - the only option available for Padlet admins to add, edit and remove users from their account was through their Manage people page.

This is no longer your only option! Your life is about to become a lot easier!

Systems we support

To set up one of the rostering systems above - click on the corresponding link.

User management

Once rostering has been set up and turned on, admins can no longer use the Manage people page to modify users. All user management takes place on the third-party system (the roster or Google for Education dashboard).

How does the roster work?

Students who are listed on the roster -> Will be sent an email invite to use Padlet (if they haven't already created an account). When they log in with SSO, their account will be created.

Students who are not listed on the roster -> They will lose access. We will deactivate their account and they will no longer be able to log in.

🌟Initial syncing of users from the roster to the account will take place when rostering is turned ON. It will be updated once a day after that.🌟

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