Visit the Analytics page to view your account statistics! You can see the number of users, padlets, posts, and comments in your account. You can also see the number of padlets created each month for the past year. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Analytics page is only available for Padlet for Schools Owners and Admins. If you are not the Owner or an Admin of the account, please reach out to one to request this information.

Access the Analytics page

Log into your Padlet for Schools account and head to your Settings.

  • Click your account name at the top-right corner of your dashboard > Settings.

Under your organization name, click Analytics.

From here, you can toggle between General, Padlets and Users to see specific statistics about each.

Viewing analytics

There are 3 different sections of your Analytics tab

  • General
  • Padlets
  • Users

Toggle through each tab to get more insight on the statistics of your account!


To see an overview of the users in your account and their contribution numbers, click on the General tab at the top of the page. Not only can you see the total number of users - you can also see the number of active users within the account.

An 'active' user indicates they have contributed to the account (whether that be creating padlets, interacting with other padlets, etc.) within the last year.


The Padlets tab will show a bar graph with the number of padlets created, separated by month.

If you hover your mouse over one of the bars it will show you the month and year it corresponds to.

You can save your Padlets bar graph information by hovering your mouse over the image until the three-dot ellipsis button (...) appears in the upper-right corner. Click there (...) and select the format you prefer!

Save as .png file
Save as .csv / .xlsx / .json file

(This example shows a .csv file).


The Users Analytics tab will give you the most information collectively in one space.

All information is broken down into the following categories:

  • Identifying information (Name/Username and Email)
  • Role (Owner, Admin, Teacher or Student)
  • Dates (Signup Date and Last Activity Date)
  • User's activity (Padlets, Posts, Comments and Reactions)
The Users tab is automatically sorted in alphabetical order by the Name/Username category. Click on the different headers to sort by alternate means.

For example, if you want to group all Students together, click Role and your list will update with the different roles grouped together.

Exporting analytics

To export your account statistics -> hover over the analytics you'd like to save and you'll see a three-dot ellipsis button (...) appear in the upper-right corner. Click this button (...), click Download results and then select the format to save them in.

You can download your results in 1 of 4 format options:

.csv (comma-separated values): A text file with information separated by commas. This is helpful so that you can exchange data between programs that are typically not compatible.

.xlsx (Excel file): A spreadsheet that can be used in Microsoft Excel.

.json file: A file that stores data in a way that allows developers to build software with that information.

.png file (Padlets tab only): A file format where you can export your stats as an image.

An example of an exported .csv file from your Users tab, shown below:

Learn how you can use the export feature to bulk change user roles within the account!


Why don't I see the Analytics button in my Settings?
This feature is available to all Padlet for Schools' Owners and Admins only. If you do not have a Padlet for Schools account and you do not have access to the account as an Owner or Admin - you will not see this button in your Settings.
I am a Padlet for Schools user. Why don't I see the Analytics button in my Settings?
Only the Owner and users with Admin rights can see the Analytics page. If you are the Owner or an Admin and you do not see the Analytics page, please reach out to us.
Can I have more information about my Padlet for Schools account?
We are working to include more statistics in the Analytics page. In the meantime, if you urgently need other statistics, please reach out to us. We may be able to provide other stats.
I am not a Padlet for Schools user. Can I have statistics about my account?
Yes, please reach out to us to see what is possible.

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