Use grade pass back on LMS

To access the gradebook on Padlet, you would need to first add your padlet to an assignment on your LMS.

Please refer to the following articles on how to do so depending on your school's chosen LMS: Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Schoology, itsLearning, Moodle.

  1. Head back to Padlet

After a padlet has been added to your LMS, head back to your padlet on your Padlet for Schools account and click the three-dot ellipsis button (...) found on the right side of your padlet. Then, select Gradebook.

Note: If you are unable to see this option, please refresh the page.

  1. Grading menu

On this menu, you will be able to see several options.

Under 'Max Score,' you can set the maximum score attainable for each post.

Under 'Grade Calculation,' you can choose to grade using the Average score - this is most useful for peer-to-peer grading, where multiple scores may be given to the same post.

You can also choose to grade using the Highest score - this is most useful for teacher-to-student grading, where only one final score will be given to a post.

Under 'Sync grades to LMS,' this option syncs grades from Padlet to your LMS assignment. We recommend keeping this toggle OFF until grades are finalized as each grade update will initiate an email to all students affected.

Further down on the menu, under 'Grades,' each post on the padlet will be available for final grading and feedback.

Students will have to be signed in when commenting on the padlet for grades to be synced to the correct student account. Anonymous contributions cannot be graded.

Once this section has been completed and finalized, you can head back to 'Sync grades to LMS' and turn the setting ON and click on Submit. This will sync grades to the LMS.

  1. Check grades on LMS

Heading back to the gradebook on your LMS, you should be able to see the synced grades.

Here's an example of how it would look:

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