How to add Padlet to Brightspace LMS using LTI 1.3?

There are two different types of integrations for LMS available in Padlet, namely LTI 1.0 and LTI 1.3. This article will describe how to connect Padlet to Brightspace using LTI 1.3. If your Brightspace version does not support 1.3, you may use our old connector described in this article.

Set up LMS integration for Brightspace (Admins)

You will need:

  • Administrator access on Brightspace
  • Access to the owner account on Backpack
  1. Retrieve Custom Link

Using the owner account on Padlet Backpack, access the settings page by clicking on your avatar icon > Settings > Organization Info > scroll down to find the LTI Advantage Dynamic Registration Link section and select Create > Copy to Clipboard.

  1. Register LTI Tool

On Brightspace, from the Admin dashboard, open Admin Tools (settings cog) > Manage Extensibility > LTI Advantage > Register Tool > Select Dynamic Registration

Paste the link we've given you and select Configure Deployment.

Once done, click on Register. Then fill in the details.

When on the LTI Advantage page again, remember to Enable the Padlet tool.

  1. Create Deployments

Open the External Learning Tools menu by clicking on Admin Tools (settings cog) > External Learning Tools > Under the LTI Advantage tab, click on New Deployment.

  1. Fill in the form on Deployment page


Padlet (or the name you indicated in step 1)


Padlet (use a name that will help you easily identify it later)


  • Assignment and Grade Services
  • Deep Linking
  • Names and Role Provisioning Services

Security Settings

  • Org Unit Information
  • User Information
  • Link Information
  • Classlist including users not known to this deployment

Here is a sample screenshot with selected fields.

Ensure that under "Add Org Units", the institution has been added so that everyone within the organisation has access to Padlet LTI 1.3.

Once done, click on Create Deployment.

Padlet is now available to be added in all of the courses that the deployment was shared with above. Navigate to a course, and either choose an existing module or create a new one.

Set up LMS integration for Brightspace (Teachers)

Before proceeding, please ensure that your Brightspace admin has allowed access for Padlet in the above instructions!
  1. Create a Module/Sub-Module

Content > Select a Module or Add a Module > Existing Activities. Select the Padlet LTI 1.3 tool.

  1. Select the Padlet Board

A pop up will appear showing existing padlets within your Backpack account. You get to select which padlet you want to add to the module.

The Padlet should show up like this on Brightspace!

Additional sharing options

If you want students to work on their own copy of the Padlet, toggle the 'Create a copy for each user' option. Students will get their own copy when they click on the link in the assignment and you will be automatically added as a shared member to the padlet.

Note that turning on the copy option will prevent you from seeing all student posts in a single padlet.

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