Add Padlet to Moodle LMS using LTI 1.3

There are a few different ways to embed a padlet in an LMS. This article will describe how to connect Padlet to Moodle using LTI 1.3.

LMS integration for Moodle (for Admins only)

LTI 1.3 only works with Moodle 3.11 and above.
LTI for Moodle doesn't work in Safari browser. Try Chrome or Firefox instead.

Before we can enable adding a padlet to Courses, you'll have to set up the Padlet Tool on the Moodle admin account.

You will need:

  • Administrator access on Moodle (ideally the same email as the Padlet for Schools owner)
  • Access to the Owner's Padlet for Schools account
  1. Retrieve Custom Link
    Using the Owner account on Padlet for Schools, access the Settings page by clicking on your avatar icon > click the three-dot ellipsis button (...) in the bottom left corner > Settings > Organization Info > scroll down to find the 'LTI Advantage Dynamic Registration Link' and select Generate > Copy.
  2. Add Padlet Tool

Head to Site Administration > Plugins > Activity modules External tool Manage tools.

Paste the link we've given you into the Tool URL field.

Click Add LTI Advantage.

  1. Click on Activate

  1. Ensure that the Padlet tool appears

To make sure teachers are able to find Padlet to add to their courses, click on the Settings cog icon (⚙️) of the Padlet tool, make sure that 'Tool configuration usage' is set to Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool and ensure that Support Deep Linking (Content-Item Message) has been selected.

Manual Setup for Moodle (if needed, for Admins)

  1. Key in these details under 'Manage Tools':



Tool name


Tool description

Padlet LTI 1.3 Tool (Your choice)

Tool URL

LTI version

LTI 1.3

Public key type

Keyset URL

Public keyset

Initiate login URL 

Redirection URI(s) 

Supports Deep Linking (Content-Item Message)


Icon URL 

LMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services


LMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning


Tool Settings


Share launcher's name with tool


Share launcher's email with tool


Accept grades from the tool


Force SSL


  1. Send us these details:
  • Platform ID 
  • Client ID
  • Deployment ID 
  • Public keyset URL
  • Access token URL
  • Authentication request URL

Adding Padlet to Moodle Assignments (for Teachers only)

Before proceeding, please ensure that your Moodle Admin has allowed access for Padlet in the above instructions!
Moodle LTI doesn't work on Safari at the moment! Please use Firefox or Chrome.
  1. Select a course

Click on the course you wish to add your padlet in and toggle 'Edit mode' ON (on the top right corner).

  1. Add an activity or resource

Your padlet will show up as a link. Click on Add an activity or resource.

  1. Add Padlet

Search for Padlet and click on the tool.

  1. Log into Padlet

Click on Select content. This will bring you to a Padlet login page. Log into your Padlet for Schools account.

  1. Select the padlet

Click on the padlet you wish to have added in your course. Then click on Save.

Your padlet should look like this on Moodle!

Additional sharing options

If you want students to work on their own copy of the padlet, click on the Settings cog icon (⚙) when adding a padlet. Turn the 'Create a copy for each user' option ON. Students will get their own copy when they click on the link in the assignment and you will be automatically added as a shared member to the padlet.

Note that turning ON the copy option will prevent you from seeing all student posts in a single padlet.

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