How to embed padlet in an LMS

Updated 2 months ago by Carla Sese

There are a few ways to share a padlet in your LMS:

Paste URL

-Pro: Easiest.

-Con: User has to leave the LMS and use Padlet in a separate browser tab.

-Con: If you don't want students to post anonymously, you will have to ensure accounts are created for them and that they are logged in before they post anything.

Embed Code

-Pro: Easy. Users don't have to leave the LMS to post.

-Con: Students will have to log in manually before posting for them not to be anonymous. Some users might be prevented from posting as a logged-in user by the browser privacy mechanisms.


Backpack members only

-Pro: Students are signed in automatically. Accounts are created for them if they are new.

-Con: Setup can be tedious and tricky.

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