Embed a padlet in LMS

There are a few ways to share a padlet in your LMS. One of those ways is embedding a padlet code into your assignment using the Rich Content Editor. You do not need a Padlet for Schools account to do this.

This article will describe how to embed a padlet to an LMS. If you'd like to know the other options available, they are described in this article.

In order for your embedded padlet to function, you will need to set the privacy to Secret or Public. If you choose a different privacy setting, your padlet will not embed properly.

How to embed a padlet in LMS

  1. Create/Select an Assignment

Head to your LMS and create an assignment or select the assignment you want to embed the padlet on by clicking the + Assignment button.

  1. Click Insert and then Embed.

There will be a pop up to enter your embed code, head back to Padlet.

  1. Open Padlet

Open the padlet you're wanting to embed and click on Share. You should see the option to Embed in your blog or website. Go ahead and click on that. You'll be presented with the code that you'll need to copy and paste into the LMS. Click on Copy and paste in the LMS.

The padlet should show up like this on your LMS! If you want to add more padlets to different courses, just run through the steps again.

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