Add a padlet to my LMS

Ways to share a padlet in your LMS

Paste the URL

Pro: No automatic account creation for students.

Con: If you don't want students to post anonymously, you will have to ensure accounts are created for them and that they are logged in before they post anything.

Ctrl/Cmd C + V all the way!

Use an embed code

Pro: Easy. Users don't have to leave the LMS to post.

Con: Students will have to log in manually before posting for them not to be anonymous. Some users might be prevented from posting as a logged-in user by the browser privacy mechanisms.

Instructions on how to embed in an iframe can be found in this article.

Learning Tools Interoperability (aka LTI)

Only available to Padlet for Schools plans.

Pro: Students are signed in automatically. Accounts are created for them if they are new.

Con: Initial setup can be tricky.








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