How do I invite people to my padlet?

Are you all alone in your padlet? Invite some friends to witness your greatness, contribute to your masterpiece, or help moderate your endeavor.

Here is how to invite collaborators to your padlet.

  1. On your padlet, click SHARE on the top right side of the page.
  1. Go to Invite members, click Add or edit members, then enter the email address or username of the person you'd like to invite to be a collaborator.
  2. Next, decide how the member can use your padlet by clicking the down arrow next to their name 🔽.

  • There are four options when inviting a collaborator to your padlet:

Can read: user will be able to view the padlet but won't be able to add or edit posts.

Can write: user will be able to add posts but won't be able to edit existing posts.

Can edit: user will be able to add new posts and edit existing posts.

Can administer: user will be able to manage the padlet settings.

Multiple admins and moderators can be assigned to the same padlet.
  1. Once access is assigned, click outside the white panel and press SAVE.
  2. On the other side of the interaction, the invitee will receive an email notifying them that they've been invited as a collaborator. Once the invitee has accepted their invitation by clicking on the "Accept Invite" button, the padlet will appear in the their Shared tab.
Inviting people from within an organization (teams/Backpack/Briefcase) will automatically add them as a collaborator. They will not need to accept the invitation to get access to the padlet.

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