How do I add users with a CSV file?

Uploading users via csv file is only supported on our enterprise plans, Backpack and Briefcase.

If you have a large number of users you want to invite as members of your organization, you can register them simultaneously by uploading a .csv (comma-separated values) file that contains user information.

  1. Download this sheet and fill out the fields according to the guidelines below:
  • The password must be between 8-128 characters.
  • The email address is optional for student accounts.
  • You can leave the fields for username and password blank if you want us to auto-generate them. The account owner has the power to override all auto-generated login credentials.
  • Select a valid role: teacher or student for Backpack and admin or member for Briefcase.
  • Beware of duplicates to avoid errors.
  1. Download the file as .csv.
  2. Open the file with a text editor or Microsoft excel.
  3. Add rows for all the users.
  4. Copy the content.
    If you are using Excel, save the file. Then open it in a text editor and ensure that the values are comma-separated before copying the content.
  5. From the homepage, click Manage People >> Add user.
  6. Press the second tab, Add Multiple Users.
  7. Paste the copied content in the box provided.
  1. Click Review > Submit

An invite email will be sent to all newly added users with instructions on how to join the organization. If you experience any problems, contact us. We'll gladly assist!

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