Transfer padlets

If you have an individual account and a Team plan associated with the same email address, both accounts live in the same house -- under the same roof.

To keep things separate, these two accounts have their own "rooms". Your individual account has their "room" and your Team has a different "room." Padlets made in your individual account cannot be seen by your Team and visa versa.

But what if you want your Team to see them? What if you had inadvertently created your padlets in your individual account but wanted them in your Team library all along? Now you can transfer your padlets right from your own dashboard!

Where can I transfer my padlets?

Currently, account owners have the ability to transfer padlets from:

  • Their personal library -> Team/Classroom library (within the same account).
  • Their Team/Classroom library -> personal library (within the same account).
  • Their Team/Classroom library -> another Team/Classroom library (within the same account).
To transfer padlets to an outside account or to another user, you will need to contact Customer Support for assistance.

Transfer padlets from the dashboard

One at a time

This option is perfect if you only need to transfer one or two padlets!

Follow these steps to transfer a padlet one at a time:

  1. Go to your dashboard and locate the padlet you wish to transfer.
  2. Click the vertical three-dot ellipsis button (...) on the padlet thumbnail.
  3. Select Transfer padlet.
  4. Select the appropriate account to transfer to.


To transfer multiple padlets at once, follow the steps below:

  1. Hold down the mouse button to select multiple padlets.
  2. Click Transfer padlets (at the top).
  3. Select the appropriate library to transfer to.
Learn more about how to use our multi-select feature here!

Transfer a padlet from an open padlet

While viewing a padlet you may decide you'd like to transfer it to a different library. Super simple!

  1. Click the three-dot ellipsis button (...) on the right-hand side of the padlet.
  2. Click Transfer padlet.
  3. Pick the desired location to transfer to.

The URL in the address bar will update automatically before your eyes! Your padlet has been transferred! 🤩


Why don't I see the option to transfer my padlets when using the 'multi-selection' option?
You may have accidentally included someone else's padlet while performing this action. You are only able to transfer your own padlets from one 'library' type to another.
I can't transfer any of my padlets! Why not?
This could be for a few different reasons. You must be the creator of the padlet in your personal library, you must have Maker permissions in the destination library and the padlet quota must not be met yet.

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