What happens to my padlets when I leave my school?

You've created so many precious padlets within your Padlet for School's account but you will be leaving the school soon. Whether that be because you're a student and no longer attending, you're a teacher but you're retiring, you're switching schools - or whatever the reason! What do you do now? What will happen to your padlets? Where do you go from here?

Save the padlets

When you are a part of a Padlet for Schools plan, any padlets created within your account must remain there. Have you ever heard the phrase, 'What happens here, stays here?' It's kind of like that!

Unless...you get the Owner of the Padlet for Schools' permission to transfer your padlets out of the account. In that case, your creations are available for mass distribution, if you so desire. 🤩

How to get permission

Permission to move padlets out of the account can be obtained in a couple of different ways: Blanket approval and/or email.

Approval must be given by the Owner of the Padlet for Schools account in one of these two ways before padlets can be moved.

Blanket approval

Blanket approval can be given by the Owner of the school account to automatically approve all requests to transfer content out of the account. Typically, if blanket approval is given, the Owner will let their staff/students know of the approval beforehand.

When this happens, simply contact Customer Support and let us know:

  1. The email address associated with your Padlet for Schools account
  2. The URLs of the padlets you would like transferred. (If you would like all of your padlets transferred, the URLs are not necessary).
  3. The email address associated with the account you'd like your padlets transferred to. If you do not currently have an individual account associated with this email address, you will need to make one at padlet.com before the transfer can take place.

If your school has not given blanket approval - or you're just not sure if they have or not - you can reach out to the Owner of your Padlet for Schools account to request permission. To make things easier for everyone, we recommend contacting Customer Support from the email address associated with your school account, cc'ing the Owner onto the email and requesting the transfer.

If you do not know who the Owner of the Padlet for Schools account is - reach out to us and we can help!

Copy or Transfer?

Copying and transferring your padlets are two different things - please make sure to decide how you want to move your padlets before you start the process.

Copying padlets

Requesting a copy of your padlets will ensure you have an exact replica of your padlet in both your school account and your individual account. Any changes made to these padlets after having them copied will only be retained on the padlet the edits were made on. At that point, they will act as separate padlets.

Transferring padlets

Requesting that your padlets are transferred will remove them from the school account completely and relocate them to your desired account.

The URL of a transferred padlet will automatically redirect users to the new location.

A copied padlet will receive a new link. The previous URL will no longer work. If you wish to have your padlets copied and it's been embedded elsewhere - you will need to embed them again with the new link.
We cannot copy or transfer padlets out of your school account that were made by another user, Shared with you or in your Bookmarks. This can only be done with padlets you've personally made yourself.

Lose email access?

Your email address will most likely be deactivated when you leave your school. To keep access to your padlets, please contact the Owner of your Padlet for Schools account (taking the steps above) to ask if your padlets can be transferred out. We are happy to help with this process!

Getting in contact with the Owner of the account can be a lengthy process. We recommend allowing plenty of time to get this taken care of prior to leaving your school.
The Owner of your Padlet for Schools account can delete or deactivate your profile at any time once you leave the school. Once your account is deleted, your information and padlet contents can only be recovered within 14 days. To find out more about what happens when your account is deleted, click here!

Moving schools?

No problem! Once permission is obtained from your Padlet for Schools account Owner (following the steps above) contact us here and we can get things moved over for you!

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