Remake a padlet

Use the remake tool to create copies of padlets. Then you can customize your copy without impacting the original.

Remakes are great if you teach several classes. Just make one beautiful padlet and remake it for each class. They are also useful if you find a padlet that you want to use or a template you want to customize. Save time with remakes!

Remake a padlet

First, log into your Padlet account. Then, open the padlet you want to remake and click the remake button in the action bar.

Unable to click the remake button? The owner of the padlet has turned off remakes. You will need to contact them if you want to remake their padlet.

When you remake a padlet, you can change the title and description of your copy, and you can choose whether to copy the posts of the padlet. If you are a member of any teams, you can also choose which account the remake will be associated with.

If you are the creator or an administrator of the padlet you are remaking, you can choose whether to copy the people and privacy as well as if the copied posts will still be attributed to their original authors.

Once you remake the padlet, you will have a duplicate that you can customize and edit without impacting the original version.

Not sure which options to choose? Learn more about remake options.
We value intellectual property rights. Do not use remake to plagiarize. Read more in our content policy.

Prevent remakes

If you do not want others to remake or copy your padlet, you can turn the option off. Log into your Padlet account and go to the padlet you do not want to be remade. Open the Modify menu and go to the Content options. Switch off the toggle for remakes.

Now, only you and other administrators of the padlet can remake it.


What options should I choose from the remake menu?
It depends on your goal! Learn more about remake options.
How will I know if someone remakes my padlet?
You can be notified when someone makes your padlet. From your dashboard, go to ...>Settings>Notifications. Under General>Activity, you can opt into push or email notifications when your padlet is remade by someone.
Someone copied my padlet. Can Padlet take it down or delete it?
We value intellectual property rights. If a remade padlet violates our Content Policy, please contact us with a link to the padlets. If you do not want your padlets to be copied, we provide a way to prevent remakes, which we encourage you to use.
I remade a padlet. Why can't my students post on it?
You may need to adjust your padlet's visitor permissions. Go to the remade padlet and click Share>Change privacy. Make sure the visitor permissions are set to Can write if you want your students to post on your padlet.
I am a member of a Backpack account. Can I remake padlets?
Yes, but you can only remake padlets that are in your Backpack account. This is because your Backpack account is like a sandbox or a silo: padlets created inside the sandbox can be remade, but padlets created outside of the sandbox cannot. If you want to remake a non-Backpack padlet into your Backpack account, you can remake it with your personal account at and then import it into your Backpack account. If you need help with this process, please contact us.

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