What happens if I cancel my Padlet subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please read about our refund policy here.

How about my padlets? Do I get to keep them?

Gold and Platinum

When you downgrade, you can continue using the Neon Plan for free. All the padlets you have created as a paid user are saved in your account. If your padlets exceed the free plan cap, creating more padlets may be limited until you remove or archive padlets or subscribe to a paid plan again.

A good alternative to deleting padlets is to archive ones you no longer use to free up space in the Neon Plan.

If you have uploaded files on your paid account that are above the Neon/free plan limits, you will still get to keep these files. For example, if you subscribed to the Gold plan and uploaded a 100MB file, you will still get to keep the file on your padlet after cancelling your subscription -- even though the upload limit is 20MB per file on the Neon plan.


The access will be closed once the account expires. There are a couple of ways to save work before the subscription closes:

1. Export the padlets to other formats like PDF or Excel, etc.

2. Request to have your padlets transferred to your free account via the Contact Us form.

We will need the Backpack owner's permission before we are able to transfer your padlets out of the Backpack account.

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