Padlet's refund policy

We think refunds are really fun. We want to give you as much freedom and flexibility as possible when it comes to your subscription. We always make it easy to switch your subscription and we offer prorated refunds in a variety of circumstances:

Downgrading from a Platinum or Gold subscription

If you are on a monthly plan: If you choose to downgrade from a Platinum or Gold subscription to the free Neon option we will automatically send a prorated refund for the remaining duration of your subscription through your most recently used payment method.

If you are on an annual plan: We will offer a prorated refund if you decide to downgrade within 90 days of purchasing your subscription.

The option to downgrade can be found on your Billing page. Simply click Downgrade Now to the Neon option and the refund for the time remaining on your current plan will arrive in 2-3 business days.

If the Downgrade Now option is not available, that means your subscription is outside the time frame allowed for prorated refunds. However, you will still be able to downgrade at the end of your payment period. If this option is chosen you will keep your subscription and all premium benefits for the remainder of the billing period, but no refund will be available.

Padlet may be unable to process refunds for payments made through third-party app stores via Apple or Google Play. Apple and Google's refund policy will apply. Please get in touch with Apple Support or Google Play Support to request a refund.
Padlet Backpack

For Backpack customers, refunds are available for the first 30 days after a subscription is purchased. If you want to cancel your subscription after this period, the cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing cycle, and your payment will not be eligible for a refund.

Please get in touch with our support team if you encounter any problems in downgrading your subscription.

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