What is Padlet?

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Padlet is a software people use to make and share content with others.

Somewhere between a doc and a full-fledged website builder, Padlet empowers everyone to make the content they want, whether it's a quick bulletin board, a blog, or a portfolio. Padlet is:

  • Easy and Intuitive - You won't find a simpler way to publish original content on the internet, period. 
  • Inclusive - We welcome people of all ages, skill levels, and abilities to use Padlet. 
  • Collaborative - Invite others to work with you on shared projects, assignments, and activities. 
  • Flexible - Add any file type you wish, organize however you want, and make it as public or as private as your heart desires.
  • Portable - iOS, Android, and Kindle apps available.
  • Beautiful - You'll hit the design sweet spot with just enough options that you can add your personal touch, but you won't be overwhelmed by customization menus. 
  • Private and secure - Make your padlets viewable only to a select group of people. We transfer data via SSL, go through regular security and vulnerability testing, and encrypt all pages.
  • Supportive - This account (Support) doesn't just tell you how to use our software, it shows you. And if you prefer to interact with people, you can email us at [email protected]

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