What are the premium plans available?

More padlets. More tools. More power.

Not sure what each subscription includes? Here are the key differences among the plans available.

Padlet Basic

The basic plan is free and a great way to explore Padlet. When you sign up for a padlet account you get:

  • three customizable padlets
  • availability of all formats
  • unlimited posts
  • immortal padlets (If the contents abide by our Content Policy we don't delete padlets despite inactivity. As long as we're here, they'll be here).
  • access in all devices
  • no ads
  • Folders
  • Custom domain

All padlets are easily sharable and there's friendly customer support reps to assist. So much for a free account, right? 

Please note that the Basic plan is NOT a trial version of Padlet Pro, Backpack or Briefcase. We offer a number of awesome functionalities for effective collaboration. 

Padlet Pro

Looking to take your padlet game to the next level? Go with Padlet Pro. Feature includes:

  • All the awesome features of the basic plan
  • Unlimited Padlets
  • Up to 250MB
  • Priority Support and more

Padlet Backpack

Padlet Backpack is our plan designed for schools. Think of it as an exclusive organization open only to members, giving school administrators more control on content and privacy for its members.

All members added to a backpack account get the premium features similar to Pro such as unlimited padlets, bigger file uploads, folders, and more.

Take it for a spin. Sign up for a free 30-day trial here

The trial account is a full version! The only difference between the trial and an activated Backpack account is that the former will expire after 30 days.

Padlet Briefcase

If your team is looking for a private collaboration tool, Padlet Briefcase is for you.

Briefcase gives you the same benefits of an exclusive environment offered in Backpack. Members and admins registered in the account enjoy the same premium features for padlet creations. User statistics may also be requested to study organization activities within padlet.

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