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Turn any padlet into a presentation with Padlet Slideshow! When you use Slideshow, you can view your padlet in a presentation format. Here's the catch: you don't have to do any extra work. All you have to do is click the Slideshow button, and we will automatically format your padlet into an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Get presenting!

Watch this video to learn about Slideshow (or keep reading if you prefer).

How Slideshow works

Slideshow takes your existing padlet and turns it into a presentation. All you have to do is create a padlet and click the Slideshow button. So you can take a padlet that looks like this...

...and turn it into a presentation that looks like this!

The appearance of your presentation will match the appearance options in your padlet's settings. Your wallpaper will determine the background and color scheme of your Slideshow, and the font you choose will be the font in the presentation. Also, the title, description, and icon you choose will become the title slide.

After the title slide, each post will become its own slide. If your padlet is grouped into sections, we will add each section header as its own slide.

When you open a padlet as a slideshow, we will automatically format your padlet into a presentation. Slideshow works across devices and will reformat based on the size of your screen. All attachments will be functional, so you can view YouTube videos and read PDFs directly from the slideshow.

Using Slideshow

To turn your padlet into a slideshow, open the Share panel and click Slideshow. This will open your slideshow in a new tab.

If you are on a desktop, you can also click on the Slideshow button in the action bar. This will open your slideshow in a new tab. If you are using the desktop app, it will open in a new window instead.

Finally, if you have the URL of a padlet, you can add /slideshow to the end of the URL to instantly open the padlet in slideshow view.

For example, the URL of the example padlet is To view the example padlet as a slideshow, you can change the URL to

Once you are viewing a slideshow, you can navigate using the arrows at the bottom of the screen or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

To share your slideshow, click on the three dots at the bottom of your slideshow and then click Copy link to slideshow.


Can I change the font size or customize the layout of my slides?
No, you cannot change the font size or customize the layout of your slides. Unlike other presentation software, which forces you to choose every detail of your slides, Slideshow will automatically format your padlet into a beautiful presentation. If you need to control all creative elements of your presentation, you might consider a different product to make slides.
Can I change the order of the slides?
Yes! To change the order of your slides, return to your padlet and change the order of your posts. This will rearrange the order of the slides in your slideshow.

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