Padlet Classroom

If an individual teacher wants to use Padlet frequently with her class but doesn't have access to an account within a Backpack plan, her best option is the Classroom plan. The Classroom plan offers all the perks of a personal Platinum membership for 2 teachers as well as 50 student accounts, user management, a shared dashboard, and more.

What is offered in a Classroom Plan?

  • 2 teacher accounts with administrative privileges
  • 50 student accounts
  • Unlimited padlets
  • 1GB file upload limit
  • Customizable student permissions
  • Shared dashboard for quickly accessing classroom padlets
  • The ability to mention other members, which notifies the recipient
  • AI-powered content moderation to keep classroom contributions appropriate

What does a Classroom plan cost?

Classroom plans will start at $199 per year in the United States. Pricing will be internationalized for other countries.

How do I sign up?

If you are new to Padlet, you can simply sign up for a Classroom plan.

If you already have a Padlet account you can create a Classroom Plan here. If you want to learn more about all our subscription options you can visit our subscriptions page.

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