Padlet subscription plans

Not sure what each subscription offers? Find the key differences between the plans here or on the subscriptions page by clicking the button below.

Individual plans

Padlet Neon

The Neon plan is free and a great way to explore Padlet. When you sign up for a Padlet account you get:

All padlets are easily sharable and there are friendly customer support reps to assist. So much for a "free" account, right? 

Please note that the Neon plan is not a trial version of Padlet Gold, Platinum, or Padlet for Schools.

Padlet Gold

Looking to take your padlet game to the next level, but don't need the full unlimited option? Go with Padlet Gold.

  • All the awesome features of the Neon plan
  • 20 Padlets
  • Upload limit: 100MB per file
  • Priority Support

Padlet Platinum

The best individual plan there is! The Platinum option offers a massive file upload limit and unlimited padlets for those who want everything and more from Padlet.

  • All the awesome features of the Neon plan
  • Unlimited padlets
  • Upload limit: 500MB per file
  • Priority Support

Group/School plans

Padlet Teams

With Team Gold you can make unlimited padlets available to your team only and post files up to 1GB per upload! Contributors can join your team at no cost! Only pay for your admins and padlet makers. Read more about Teams features here.

Padlet Classroom

Padlet Classroom plans are a great option for teachers who want to have a space to collaborate with their students - especially if a Padlet for Schools account is not feasible for the school.

Padlet Classroom is available for 1-2 teachers and up to 200 students per account. This plan offers unlimited padlets and an upload limit of 1GB per file! Read more about our Classroom plan here.

Padlet for Schools

Padlet for Schools is a plan designed for schools. Think of it as an exclusive organization open only to members, giving school administrators more control over content and privacy for its members.

All members added to a Padlet for Schools account get premium features similar to Platinum such as unlimited padlets, user management tools and more. Unlike Platinum subscriptions, Padlet for Schools accounts have a larger upload limit of 1GB per file.

If this plan is of interest to you - Go to our subscriptions page to request a demo or quote!

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