How do I customize my padlet?

With so many templates and examples out there, it is fairly easy to choose a padlet to copy. But if you just can't seem to find a padlet that is quite right, you can take matters into your own hands and customize your padlet.

On the sidebar menu on the right-hand side of your page, click the Modify icon โš™ to open your customization tools.

Basic Info

In this section, you can give your padlet a meaningful title, assign a custom icon and even change its URL.

Title and description

When you create a padlet, the title and description are pre-filled for you. Of course, these can be renamed! Use these fields to tell the audience what the padlet is about.


The padlet icon appears on the title bar next to your name, title, and description. It is the image associated with your padlet and displayed as your bookmark icon or tab icon.

You can choose from preinstalled emojis, add your own image or skip it altogether.


It is the unique ID of your padlet. It's the link that you share with others. By default, we assign it a random value but you can choose a more friendly URL by following these steps.


You can change your padlet's look and feel by changing its wallpaper theme, and font.


When you click the wallpaper option, a panel will pop up that lets you pick from a set of backgrounds or a photo. Select Add your own to choose from any photo on the web or your device.

Use the search images option( ๐Ÿ”Ž) to browse through beautiful, high-resolution images from Unsplash
Color Scheme

When you select a light theme, the text will be black against white or a pastel-colored post. Choosing a dark theme would display text in white against a dark-colored post. Here's what that looks like:


You can also choose from four different font options for text. Please note that the font on the padlet is uniform. This means you can only pick one font for all the written content on your padlet.

Transparent Title Bar

You can also make the title bar transparent instead of having a color block. To do this go to appearance, press wallpaper, and select add your own wallpaper. Once you get to the add your own wallpaper screen you will see the option to select a transparent title. If you select this option then there will be no colored title bar.


Post add-ons can be enabled and disabled from this section.


When this feature is enabled, names and the timestamp for each post will be displayed. Authors should be logged in with a padlet account for their names to be properly tagged.

New post position

Depending on your padlet format, you can select where newly added posts should appear; top or bottom, first or last.


This is an area below each post or on the side panel that lets contributors add comments about a post.


Reactions provide peer-to-peer quantitative feedback on Padlet. You can choose from one of 4 reaction types: grade ๐Ÿ’ฏ, star โญ๏ธ, upvote ๐Ÿ‘, or like ๐Ÿงก.

Content Filter

This section provides tools to discourage copying and inappropriate posts on padlet.

Require approval

Padlets can be moderated which means that posts must be approved by the owner or moderator before they appear. Authorized users can either approve or delete the post. To learn who is authorized to approve posts, see How to adjust the privacy settings

Please note that this only applies to posts. Comments are not subject to approval.

Filter profanity

This filter blocks profane language and replaces them with an ๐Ÿคฌ emoji.

That's it! Your modified padlet is complete. Easy, isn't it?

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