Author and timestamp on posts

If you want to keep track of who's posting on your padlet, you need to enable the Author and timestamp feature to display each author's name above their post.

You can find and adjust your attribution settings by going to your padlet and clicking on the Settings cog icon (⚙️) on the sidebar:

  • With the Author and timestamp feature turned ON, authors' names will appear above posts, but only if contributors are logged into their accounts before posting.
  • You can make it mandatory to log in before posting by selecting the Secret - Log in option in your 'Link privacy' Share settings. Read more about that here.
If your contributors cannot make Padlet accounts, you can have them post their name as the title of each post as a workaround.

How does this work for Padlet for Schools accounts?

Padlet for Schools accounts are a bit different. You can still share your Padlet for Schools padlets with anyone, but only people who are members of your Padlet for Schools account can have their names automatically appear. Contributors must log into the Padlet for Schools account before their names appear.


How do I make sure my name appears on my post?
If you want your name to appear on your posts and contributions to a padlet - your post attributions (Author and timestamp) need to be turned ON for the padlet and you must be logged in.

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