How to adjust the privacy settings

It's simple! Click SHARE >> Change Privacy Settings >> Submit

Privacy Settings

Here's how each settings work:


When you create a new padlet, the address (or URL) is only known to you and not published elsewhere. When you share the address with others, either through email or social networks, the padlet becomes semi-private as people who have the link can access it as well. In a padlet's Share menu, this setting is known as "Secret".


Password-protected padlets are not public and can only be viewed by people who have the password set by the creator.

Passwords can be set by clicking on the "Password" setting on a padlet's share menu, then keying in the password in the password field. Passwords are remembered for 24 hours (read more about it here).


A private padlet is not viewable to anyone except its creator and the people its creator has explicitly invited as contributors. Private padlets, as the name suggests, are marked as "Private" in the Share menu.

Enter their email or Padlet username in the 'Add contributors' form, select what privileges they can have (can write/moderate/administer) and we'll send them an email AND a notification (read more about this here).

Members Only (for Basic and Pro users)

Members only padlets mainly deter anonymous posting, users will have to be logged in to their own accounts before they are allowed to contribute to a padlet account.

Unlike private padlets, you do not need to add emails or Padlet usernames. As long as a user is logged in to their account and has the URL to your padlet, they'll be able to post.

Org-wide (for Backpack and Briefcase members)

Organization-wide padlets are published to all members of an organization. It is ideal for school-wide announcements and boards.


Padlets set as Publicshow up in Google searches and is featured by Padlet on the homepage.

Visitor permissions

Visitors can collectively be assigned the following rights to your padlet:


Can view the padlet and the posts. Cannot add new posts, edit existing posts, or change the padlet.


Can view the padlet and write posts. Can only edit his/her posts but not ones written by others. Cannot change the padlet.


Can view and write. Can edit any post and approve posts that require moderation. Cannot change the padlet.


Can do anything - view, write, edit, moderate. They can also change the padlet itself, or even delete it. (Administration rights can only be awarded after you have logged in).

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