How to I add grades, ratings, likes for posts?

Reactions enable peer-to-peer quantitative feedback on Padlet and allow you to collaborate in many new ways.

Below are the four reaction types:

Like ❤️

People can choose to like a post.

Vote 👍

People can choose to upvote or downvote a post.

Star ⭐️

People can choose to give posts 1-5 stars.

Grade 💯

People can choose to score posts on a scale defined by you (e.g. 0-20 or 0-100).

How reactions work:

  • A padlet can only have a single reaction type.
  • Users can react to any post if reactions are turned on. There is no special permission.
  • Users can react to their own posts. 
  • Users can react to a post only once. 
  • Users can react to any number of posts.
  • Users can go back and change their reactions.
  • Users can delete their reactions.

How to enable reactions:

In the Settings panel (⚙️), look for Reactions. Turn it on, and choose your reaction type.

Turning reactions off does not delete existing reactions. It merely stops additional reactions.

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