Activity panel

The Activity panel (🔔) displays a feed of all the posts on a padlet in chronological order. You can also use the Activity panel to follow/unfollow a padlet.

Finding the activity panel

To access the Activity panel, open any padlet and click on the Bell icon (🔔) in the action bar.

Using the activity panel

When you open the Activity panel, you will see two things: a Follow/Unfollow button and an activity feed.

You can click the Follow button to be notified about activity on the padlet. When you follow a padlet, you can receive notifications when posts are added to the padlet. You can manage those notifications from your notifications page.

Next to the Follow button, you can see how many people are following the padlet.

If you are already following a padlet, you will see an Unfollow button instead. Learn more about following and unfollowing padlets.

Below the Follow button, you will see an activity feed. The feed displays all of the posts on the padlet in chronological order. You can click on any of the updates to open the post in expanded view. You can also hover over the timestamp to see an expanded timestamp with the time and date that the post was added.

When you scroll to the bottom of the Activity feed, you will see a small Padlet logo. Click that logo to return to the top of the Activity feed!


My activity feed says "Someone added a post." How do I know who posted?
If a user is logged into a Padlet account when they make a post, we will tell you who added the post. If a user is not logged into a Padlet account when they post, we are not able to attribute the post. When this happens, we will say "Someone added a post." To avoid anonymous posting, you can require your contributors to log in before posting.
Can I see who is following my padlets?
From the Activity panel, you can see how many people are following your padlet. You can also receive notifications when someone follows your padlet. However, there is not a list of followers. To be notified when someone follows your padlet, head to the General tab of your notifications page and enable notifications for 'New padlet follow.' Learn more about following padlets.

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