What happens to your data when an account is deleted

When you delete your account, we delete all personal information, such as email and name, within 30 days. The data will be permanently wiped from our servers. If you bought a paid subscription, we will cancel the subscription before deleting the account.

Your padlets and all of their content, including contributions by other users such as comments and posts, will be permanently deleted within 30 days, too.

Your contributions to padlets owned by other users will be anonymized. These contributions, including comments and reactions, will be attributed to 'Anonymous' instead of you.

Can I restore a deleted account?

Yes! If you contact us within 14 days of your account deletion, we can restore your account. With the exception of folders/bookmarks - all posts and padlets will be recovered. Owners of padlets that were set to Private that you had Administrator access to will have to resend an invite to give you the same visitor permissions.

Get in touch with us immediately by contacting us with the same email address that your Padlet account is associated with and we will be happy to help.

If the request is for a user in a Padlet for Schools account, please ask the account Owner to contact us.

Where do recovered padlets go?

When padlets are recovered, they will go back to your dashboard. If the padlets exceed your account limit, they will appear in your Archive. If you do not see your padlets right away - please make sure you check all tabs and folders to see if they were restored there.

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