Delete a padlet account

It is sad to see a Padleteer depart, but if that's your decision, we want to make it as easy as possible.

Are you deleting your account because you have a Gold or Platinum subscription and want to stop paying? Choose to downgrade to a Neon plan instead to keep your padlets.


  1. To delete your Padlet account, log in and click three-dot ellipsis button (...) in the bottom left corner of your dashboard screen.
  1. Click Settings.
  1. Click Delete account
  1. Select Log In next to 'Log in to verify your account.'

Deleting your account also cancels any paid subscription you may have. Please allow 2 to 3 days for the refund to reflect on your statement.


  • Tap the three-dot ellipsis button - More (...) in the bottom right of the app screen
  • Tap Settings, then Delete account
  • When prompted, log in to verify your account.
Change your mind? Yay! This is great news! However - there is only a limited timeframe in which we can save your account. Please contact us within 14 days and we can restore your account for you. If it's longer than 14 days, your account has unfortunately been permanently purged from our system and is no longer recoverable.

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