Welcome to your first team!

Ready to start a Team? Read this article to learn about setting up your first Team on Padlet.

Whoever creates your Team will be the Owner of the account. Once you add more users to the account, you can transfer ownership if needed.

Create a team

To start your Team, log into padlet.com and head to your Padlet dashboard. At the bottom of your dashboard menu, click the squircle icon to Add a new Team.

When you select this button you'll be prompted to either Start Trial (for a 30-day free version) or Subscribe (to start your subscription right away).

Once you make your selection, enter a name and URL for your Team. You can choose your own or stick with the Padlet provided name. Next, click Pay now or Begin 30 day free trial. Either way, you can get to work on your Team immediately.

In addition to this article, you can use the Getting started tab on the Team dashboard to guide you in setting up your Team account. You can also remove the Getting started page by clicking Remove in the upper right.

Customize team info

You can adjust your Team name and avatar from your Settings. Just click the three-dot ellipsis button (...) on your dashboard to open the user menu and go to Settings > Team info. You can also click Team info on the Getting started page.

Add users

Teams have four roles: Owner (that's you!), Admin, Maker, and Contributor. Once you upgrade to a paid Team Gold plan, you will be billed for the Owner and each Admin and Maker. Contributors are free! Learn more about roles here.

You can invite new members by link under Settings > Members. Click Invite and then Enable link for each role you want to invite.

Once you have enabled the invite links, you can Copy the links and distribute them to your teammates. You can also Disable the links if you do not want more users to be added.

Once a user has accepted the invite, they will appear in this page. After they have joined, you can change their role and even transfer ownership to another team member. Just click the dropdown menu with their current role to change it.

You can also deactivate members who no longer need to be part of your Team. Once a Team member is deactivated, their account will turn a gray color in your list of members. To fully remove a user from your Team, that user will need to be an active member and leave the Team through their own account. If you have any difficulty removing Team members, please contact us.

Admins will be able to invite members to your Team if you have enabled invite links.
If you have a paid Team Gold plan and more Admins or Makers join your account, you will be automatically billed for the new users after 24 hours. Use caution when enabling invite links.

Manage billing

If you want to end your trial and upgrade to Team Gold, switch from a monthly to annual subscription, or update your credit card, you can manage it all in your Billing section. Just head to Settings > Billing (under your Team name).

If you upgrade to Team Gold, we will bill you for each Owner, Admin, and Maker in your account at that time. Contributors are free.
If you already have a Team Gold plan and add more Admins and Makers to your account, we will bill you for each additional user accordingly.

Create team padlets

When you create a new padlet from your dashboard, you can choose which space to create your padlet in: Your personal account or your Team. You can toggle between the two at the top of the Make a padlet panel.

Share team padlets

In addition to the standard privacy settings, you can share padlets with your Team using the privacy setting Team only.

Padlets set to the privacy setting Team only will not be visible to users outside of your Team by default. Only members of your Team can access the padlet through the link.

When you use the Team only privacy setting, you can also decide if the padlet will be displayed in your Team dashboard. If you enable this feature, the padlet will appear on every Team member's dashboard. If you disable this feature, your teammates will need the link to your padlet to access it.

You can still share Team only padlets with non-team members. To do this, you can invite an individual via username or email and give them their own permissions. Read more here.

Delete your team

If you need to delete your Team, you can do this under Settings > Delete team. Please note that this action will delete all of the padlets in your Team! Deleted padlets are not recoverable.


How many Teams can I create?
You can create one Team. However, you can be an Admin, Maker or Contributor in multiple Teams.
How many people can I add to my Team?
As many as your precious heart desires. :)
Can I change my Team member's username?
No. If your Team member needs to change their username, they will have to adjust it from their account settings.

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