How can I change my username?

When changing username:

  • You can't use padlet or wallwisher in your username.

e.g. ❎ padlet_wizard

  • You can't include a dash (-) in your username but you can use an underscore (_) instead.

e.g. ❎apple-pie

  • You may need to re-share links for people to access existing padlets. Your current padlet links will change once you update your username.


  • Log in and click the Settings (⚙) icon on the bottom left of your dashboard

  • Type in your desired username in the Username section.
  • After typing in your name, click Update and changes will save automatically.


  • Tap More (...) on the top right of the dashboard
  • Tap Settings then tap Basic Info
  • Under the Username field, insert your username
  • Tap Update to complete the process

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