Freeze padlets

Ever wanted to stop all activity on a padlet without getting rid of it or changing the 'Visitor permissions' to No Access? If you're the admin of a padlet you can freeze it!

Freezing padlets can prevent students from changing their posts after submission, prevent colleagues from changing their posts after a decision is made, lock down the padlet so that only admins can change it, etc.

How does it work?

When you freeze a padlet, it prevents most changes from being made to that padlet. For example, posting, the ability to drag and drop posts, updating settings, etc. will no longer be available.

  • New posts cannot be added
  • Existing posts cannot be edited or deleted
  • Comments and reactions will be disabled
  • Settings cannot be modified

Turn on 'Freeze padlet'

To turn this feature on, click the three-dot ellipsis button (...) on the right side of your padlet > click Freeze padlet > toggle ON the 'Freeze padlet?' button.

You will notice your padlet is now labeled 'Frozen' while viewing it. This is located slightly above the title of the padlet.

Keep in mind - if your padlet is frozen and you have been using Breakout links or Submission request links, those links will be disabled and deactivated. Once the padlet is unfrozen, the links will return to their previous state.

Turn off 'Freeze padlet'

If you decide to unfreeze your padlet, how do you do it? This is just as simple as turning it on! When Freeze padlet was turned ON, the Settings cog (⚙️) turned into a snowflake (❄). Just click the snowflake icon on the right-hand side of your padlet (❄️) > toggle the button OFF next to 'Freeze padlet?'

Only admins can freeze/unfreeze a padlet.


My padlet is frozen but I didn't do it. I tried to unfreeze it but it doesn't work. What do I do?
Your padlets may be frozen because you are over your padlet quota. You will need to delete or archive padlets until you are under your quota limit or upgrade your account to allow room for more padlets.
What happens to my scheduled posts if my padlet is frozen?
Scheduled posts stay scheduled no matter what. If it is scheduled to post while the padlet is frozen, the post will be moved to your drafts.
Do frozen padlets count toward my quota limit?
Yes. If you are over your padlet quota limit, freezing your padlets will not allow you to make more. To move below your quota limit you will need to trash or archive padlets.
Can you trash or archive frozen padlets?
Sure can!
I need access to a frozen padlet that belongs to someone else. Is there anything I can do?
If you still have access to the padlet and the creator has Remakes enabled - Remake the padlet onto your account to continue to use it.
What is the difference between a Frozen padlet and one with Reader permissions?
Freezing your padlet will disable features such as posting, editing and deleting content. If your 'Visitor permissions' are set to Reader (with an unfrozen padlet), the user can still edit and delete anything they have previously posted (say if your padlet was previously in Writer mode). With Reader permissions, users cannot create posts but they can comment on posts. With a frozen padlet, they cannot.

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