Archive or unarchive a padlet

Instead of deleting an old padlet, archive it! Clean up your Dashboard or, if using the basic plan, free up space to make room for a new padlet.

Archive a padlet

Open your Padlet dashboard and click the vertical three-dot ellipsis button (...) on the bottom right corner of a padlet you want to archive.

To archive, choose Archive padlet.

Once archived, the padlet will no longer be accessible or shareable. However, its content will remain on the padlet and will be visible when restored.

Unarchive a padlet

Click on the Archived folder on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.

There you'll see a list of every padlet you've archived. To reopen a padlet, click the vertical three-dot ellipsis button (...) and then click Unarchive padlet.

It's important to ensure there's space for the padlet you are restoring. This means you may have to delete or archive a different padlet to make more room.
Can I archive and unarchive multiple padlets at a time?
Yes. To learn how to select multiple padlets all at once, click here!
What's the difference between archiving and trashing/deleting a padlet?
If you archive a padlet, it will remain in the Archived collection for as long as you want to leave it! If you trash a padlet, it will remain in the Trashed collection for 30 days and then will be deleted permanently unless you restore it to your dashboard before then.

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