Pin a location on the Map format

To create a post, hit the pink + icon on the bottom right of your page. In the panel, you have a couple of pinning options:

1. To type or search a place by name

2. Drag and drop pin

Once a place is pinned, you can opt to add files to it. It can either be text, web links, photos, audio clips, videos, and more. Click out to stick the post on the map

The three-dotted icon on the right corner of the post lets you change the post's color, title and body, and location and do other things like connect, transfer or delete the post.

Some helpful tips for navigating this layout:

1. Tap the pink + icon to pin a location

2. Scroll up to zoom in and down to zoom out. For touch devices, pinch to zoom in and out. 

3. Hold left click and move the cursor around to view other areas of the map

4. To edit the pin, click the three-dotted icon (...) on the top right of the post. Use the same button to delete the pin.

5. When you click the Settings ⚙️ icon, you will be able to select a map style. Options include Satellite, Medieval, Black Metal, Night, and Video Game.

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