How can I copy a post?

After you start putting up posts on your padlet, you may find that you need to copy the content on the other sections of your padlet or another.

For example, you may upload an image to one padlet, but realized it is also relevant to another padlet.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for duplicating content on Padlet.

First, find the post you want to copy and click or tap the vertical ellipsis (...) icon on the top right corner of the post.

Once the menu opens, select Duplicate post

The Duplicate post tab will open to the right where you will have three options:

1. Duplicate to a new padlet. This will prompt you to enter a title and subtitle for the new padlet. The post will be copied over once it is created.

2. Duplicate to this padlet. This will simply make a copy of the post onto the original padlet.

3. Or pick a padlet. This will allow you to search through your dashboard to pick an already created padlet to copy the post to.

This option is available only to the padlet owner and members with the 'Can Edit' permissions.

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