Search and filter posts

Padlets can hold hundreds of posts. If you need to find just one post, it can be hard to find exactly what you're looking for.

Instead of reading through each post on your padlet, use search and filter. Search through all of the posts on your padlet by keyword, or filter by post color, author, or status.

Accessing the search and filter bar

From your padlet, click the search bar (indicated by a magnifying glass) in the upper right corner. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + F.

Once you have opened the search bar, you can search by typing keywords. You can also click the Funnel icon to reveal the filtering options.

Search posts

The search bar allows you to search the following content of your posts:

  • Post subject
  • Post body
  • Post author
  • Comment
  • Caption
  • Attachment metadata

To search, simply type what you're looking for in the search bar. Only posts with content that matches your search will appear. When you clear your search, your padlet will revert to normal.

You can only search by author name if name attribution is turned on. If you do not have name attribution enabled, you cannot search for the post author.

Filter posts

You can also filter the posts on your padlet from the search bar. Filter works the same way as search. When you apply a filter, only posts that match your filter will appear, and when you clear the filter, your padlet will revert to normal.

Click the Funnel icon to reveal the filtering options. You can filter by publish status, post color, or author.

Post status

If you have enabled content moderation, you can filter to see which posts have been published or which have been submitted but not yet approved.


Filter posts by color. Learn more about changing post color.


If you have enabled name attribution, you can filter posts by author.


I searched/filtered, and now only some of my posts appear. Where did all of my posts go?
Don't worry, we've only temporarily hidden the posts that didn't match your search/filter! Reset the search/filter to see all of your posts again.
Can I move posts after I search/filter?
No, you cannot rearrange your posts while there is an active search/filter. Reset the search/filter to move your posts.
Who can search/filter my padlet?
Anyone who has access to your padlet can search/filter it.
If I search/filter a padlet that others are viewing, what do they see on their screen?
Search/filter is a local feature. So you can search for something on a padlet, but it won't affect what others are viewing on their own devices.
What is the filter logic when using multiple filters?
Allow us to nerd out for a moment. :) If you choose two filters from the same group, like post color: red and blue, we use OR logic and show red and blue posts. If you choose two filters from different groups, like post color: red and status: published, we use AND logic and show published posts that are red.

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